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Current (and old) PCB related projects:

Project Description Schematic Design PCB Design Gerbers Comments
mcu_0050-handheld-tempsensor Handheld Tempsensor finished finished finished Gerbers: File:0050-gerbers-v1.0.zip
mcu_0051-lcd-i2c-board I2C LCD Board finished finished finished Gerbers: File:0051-gerbers.zip
mcu_0053-AVR-Fuse-Resetter AVR Fuse Resetter 90% 70% incomplete x1 join nets in schematic, use ZIF socket if possible, use ic sockets in pcb
mcu_0055-rs232-tempsensor RS232 temp sensor add-on board finished finished finished Gerbers: File:0055-gerbers-v1.0.zip
mcu_0056-nokia-48x84-i2c-board small display board incomplete incomplete incomplete not started yet
mcu_0057-lcd-i2c-eval-board LCD Development Board with I2C 40% 40% incomplete check I2C lines, design headers, add texts
. RC Autopilot incomplete incomplete incomplete core developed on Arduino Pro Mini, base board design exists only in breadboard
mcu_0058-ATtiny85-eval-board small ATtiny85 eval board incomplete incomplete incomplete small eval board with work area, power regulator, DC socket, a switch and a LED
mcu_0059-ATtiny84-eval-board small ATtiny84 eval board 90% 80% incomplete small eval board with work area, power regulator, DC socket, a switch and a LED
mcu_0060-Voltage-data-logger Voltage data logger incomplete incomplete incomplete depends on wireless transmission (ir or xbee) and micro sdcard storage
mcu_0061-heart-rate-monitor Heart rate monitor incomplete incomplete incomplete need to get hardware to work on test board first
Mcu 0062-LCD-48x84-RC-Enclosure-top-pcb 48x84 Nokia LCD board finished finished finished Gerbers: File:0062-gerbers-v1.0.zip
0124-433 PCB Dipole antenna for 433MHz finished finished finished Gerbers: File:0124-433 v1.0.zip
0124-868 PCB Dipole antenna for 868MHz finished finished finished Gerbers: File:0124-868 v1.0.zip
0124-915 PCB Dipole antenna for 915MHz finished finished finished Gerbers: File:0124-915 v1.0.zip

My first order was placed with BatchPCB. For me, this is a convenient and cheap way to obtain professional pcb's in low quantities. Feel free to drop me a line on alternative pcb manufacturers that can also do low-cost and low-quantity pcb's.