Mcu 0053-AVR-Fuse-Resetter

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Mcu 0053-avr-fuse-resetter.jpg
Project Details
Author Marcel Post
MCU ATtiny84
Initial Release Month Year
Last Modified Oct 2011
PCB Layers 2
Status incomplete
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AVR High-voltage Serial Fuse Reprogrammer


When playing with fuse bits (e.g. to set clock frequency, watchdog timer, etc..) it's easy to 'brick' your microcontroller. The only way out is to override the fuse bits with High Voltage (just 12V is enough) programming. This project runs code on an ATtiny84 and contains some default reset values for ATtiny fuse bits. Insert your bricked ATtiny in the empty socket and press the button to reset it. Optionally an LCD is provided to give more information on the process.

Adapted from code and design by Paul Willoughby 03/20/2010



  • updating this page with what's new:
  • re-designed the board without the LCD panel (it's now just a 4-pin header connection)
  • ordered a 28pin ZIF socket to hold both 14-pin and 8-pin AVR's
  • ordered and received new PCB's from OSH Park (previously Dorkbot PDX). Very good quality (purple boards with gold?plated solder mask) and reasonably priced.
  • already built two units of which one has a firmware loaded in it. Had to make several code changes so the code on this site is not the most recent(!)
  • will upload the latest designs and source code for AVR ATtiny84 as the programmer/flasher.
  • stay tuned.. ;-)


  • verified working of avr resetter code in arduino.
  • Added very basic LCD I2C code to ATtiny84



View schematic as pdf (Oct 2011) File:0053-sch-v1.0.pdf

By no means finished but a step in the right direction.

Circuit Board



By no means finished but a step in the right direction.


Latest source code:

Release Notes


Mcu 0053-avr-fuse-resetter.jpg

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