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The forty-9er is an improved design over the Pixie2. It has two crystals, one for the rx and one for the tx frequency.

RX power consumption is around 23mA @ 12V

Output power is around 2 to 3 Watts.


Forty-9er pcb top.jpg

Forty-9er pcb bottom.jpg

Forty-9er Schematic

Description of the original Norcal Forty 9er File:49erOrigMnl.pdf

The Final Power Amplifier that is shipped with this kit is the NEC D882 NPN Transistor.

datasheet: File:NEC-2SD882-datasheet.pdf

Apparently, the datasheet lists this part as suitable for a 3W audio amplifier but it has an Ft of 90MHz.

An initial check revealed that the power output was only 600mW so I decided to replace it with a BD139 which has an Ft of 190MHz. It also has the same footprint and pinout so it is a drop-in replacement for the D882.


After fitting this transistor the power output was about 1W.