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How to load Tasmota on the Wemos D1 Mini

If you're insterested in just putting Tasmota on a Wemos D1 mini, use esptool.py and upload tasmota.bin straight onto it

Do NOT use the debian apt version of esptool, but grab it from github or pip

   apt-get install pip  (or python3-pip)
   pip install esptool  (or pip3 install esptool)
   apt-get install git
   git clone https://github.com/espressif/esptool.git
   to upgrade pip:   pip install --upgrade pip

Grab the latest Tasmota.bin from the developer's website: https://tasmota.github.io/docs/Download/

Then just connect the board to the computer with a USB cable (no need to do anything with reset buttons or jumper leads etc..)

Command to flash tasmota onto the esp8266:

 esptool.py --port /dev/ttyUSB0 write_flash -fs 1M -fm dout 0x0 tasmota_8.1.0.bin

After uploading the firmware the Wemos D1 mini, simply unplug the USB and re-insert it. After about 10 seconds, the Wemos D1 mini will broadcast a WLAN captive portal. Click on the SSID to connect to it and open a browser to navigate to the tasmota page (it will load automatically). Once tasmota is loaded in the browser set the local WiFi credentials you wish to connect to and let it reboot.

  If your device doesn't show up in your router's DHCP table, it may still be in 
  'captive portal' mode and it will advertise its own WLAN. Connect to that and it will 
  take you straight to the internal running tasmota web server. Configure your wifi
  credentials and reboot. Then set up your mqtt settings.