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Here are some tips that I found useful to bring me in a position to buy my first home.

The property

  • look for a property with as much land as possible
  • get a freestanding house, or a duplex, or a townhouse, or an appartement. In that order.
  • flat block of land
  • close to public transport
  • close to shopping centres
  • close to schools
  • get the worst house in the best street

The area

  • research suburb growth
  • buy close to where home big improvement stores are built
  • buy at or under the median price

Personal development

  • have a can-do attitude
  • believe you will succeed
  • get organised
  • listen to relevant podcasts


  • keep track of all your finances
  • save 10% of what you earn to build up a deposit
  • live within your means
  • consider renting our rooms for your first purchase