Nature in and around our house

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We don't live in a wildlife park by any stretch of the imagination but we do see a fair few animals around our house. Here is what we have seen so far:


Common Brushtail Possum
Swamp Rat


Australian Magpie
Noisy Miner
Australian Pelican
Laughing Kookaburra
Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike
Grey Butcherbird
Rainbow Lorrikeet
Eastern Rosella
Scaly Breasted Lorrikeet
Noisy Friarbird
Crested Pigeon
Magpie Lark (Peewee)
Silver Eye
Asian Koel
Pied Currawong
Indian Myna
Australian Wood Duck
Australian Raven
Australasian Figbird
Tawny Frogmouth
Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo
Scarlet Honeyeater
Blue Faced Honeyeater
Willie Wagtail
Sacred Kingfisher


Blind Snake
Grub (Beatle Larva)
Blue Tongue Lizard
Spotted Ctenotus Skink




Green Tree Frog


St Andrew's Cross Spider
Redback Spider
Huntsman Spider
Mud Nest Wasp
Blue Banded Bee
Common Crow Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
Blue Triangle Butterfly
Common Blue Butterfly
Cabbage White Butterfly
Imperial White (Jezebel) Butterfly
Australian Cockroach

Praying Mantis (no image yet)

Giant Green Grasshopper
Christmas Beetle
Redeye Cycada
Floury Baker Cycada
Harmonia Conformis (Ladybird)
Coccinella Transversalis (Ladybird)
Australian Sheep Blowfly
Hover Fly
Fiddler Beetle


Tea Tree
Callistemon (Bottlebrush)
Melaleuca (Paperbark)
Syzygium Smithii (Lilly Pilly)
Nerium Oleander


(nothing here yet)


(nothing here yet)