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On 23 September 2009 I woke up and noticed something weird outside.

Most of my blinds were closed but everything had a bit of an orange tint to it.

When I opened up the blinds I couldn't believe what I saw.

Everything was orange!

2009-09-23 0705 cimg0162.jpg

Right outside my window, looking at the neighbour's place.

A huge sand storm had blown up sand from the Australian outback right across the east coast of New South Wales.

The scenery was familiar but soo weird!

I opened up the blinds at the back of the house and again, everything had an orange tint to it!

2009-09-23 0706 cimg0163.jpg

Looking at our backdoor neighbours.

No-one would ever believe me if I don't show some real white fluoro light in these pictures.

2009-09-23 0711 cimg0164.jpg

From my kitchen window, just to show that white light still exists..

Not knowing what else to do, I prepared my lunch and had my breakfast as usual and went to drive to work.

Everything was orange..

2009-09-23 0740 cimg0165.jpg

Just leaving my driveway and off to work..

Everyone was driving with their headlights on and it was misty.

2009-09-23 0744 cimg0166.jpg

Driving out of town, waiting for the train crossing to clear..

On the highway everyone was driving slowly..

2009-09-23 0801 cimg0167.jpg

Driving along the road I normally take felt very odd this day..

Arriving at work it was very strange to see everthing inside a bright white whilst looking outside the sky was still very orange.

2009-09-23 0813 cimg0168.jpg

View from outside my office that morning.

After a few hours most of the dust just blew away and all the colours returned back to normal. By the time I drove home that day I couldn't tell what happened that morning.