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Safelist icon.png SafeList is an application to encrypt and decrypt information for privacy purposes.

It uses AES-128 as it's main encryption engine and does not use any network communication to further isolate your data and prevent leakage to other channels.

Google Play app webiste:

Developer Blog for SafeList available. Click the below link for more news updates.

Suggested use:

  • password lists
  • phone numbers
  • bank account login details
  • credit card numbers
  • etc..

Safelist feature graphic small.jpg

Screen shots



The application can be found on Google Play. Look for 'safelist' and the results should contain a link to the app.


After installing the program, you will need to set your own password. Initially, to log in, just press the 'Login' button. From the list of displayed items, press the Android Menu button and select 'settings'. From the settings page select 'Change Master Password'. You only need to set the bottom two fields to your new password and press save. Your new password is immediately active.

Support and Feedback

please email me at for app support questions and feedback.