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Aprx is a Linux based APRS client with full digipeater capabilities.

The config below is for a Receive-(to APRSIS)-only iGate can can be tweaked for full digipeater capabilities. Read the extensive manual for aprx for full details.

# -- global variables --
mycall  VK2HAQ-1
myloc lat 3256.14S lon 15137.75E

# -- APRS Internet System --
# use appropriate passcode for your station
passcode -1
server   aunz.aprs2.net

# -- program and packets logging --
pidfile /var/run/aprx.pid
rflog /dev/shm/aprx-rf.log
aprxlog /dev/shm/aprx.log
dprslog /var/log/aprx/dprs.log

# -- interfaces --
   ax25-device   $mycall
   tx-ok         false  # transmitter enable defaults to false

# -- beacon --
beaconmode aprsis
cycle-size 20m
beacon symbol "R&" $myloc comment "Rx-only iGate"