Icom IC-207H

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Icom IC-207H


IC-207H rear.jpg

APRS / TNC connection Notes:

  • Digital port at the back of the radio allows for fixed-output-volume (measured at 270mV Peak-to-Peak)
  • Digital port is 6-pin mini-Din connector
  • maximum input volume 400mV Peak-to-Peak
  • microphone must be disconnected from front as it interferes with TX-Audio from digital port
  • Transmit and Receive circuits do not provide Pre- and De-emphasis

data port

The radio's data port caters for 1200 baud and 9600 baud connections.

The maximum Audio Input level according to the user manual is 400mV Peak-to-Peak

The radio's constant receive audio output level (independent of front audio volume knob) is 270mV Peak-to-Peak

TNC interface cable

To use this radio as an APRS station the following cable was custom-made to interface to the TNC-Pi

TNC interface Cable made for the IC-207H