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The PATH settings when configuring an APRS tracker, Digipeater or fill-in Digi is key to a successful participation in an APRS network.

Example APRS path:

WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1

The first number in a N-N type path is the total number of digi hops desired. The second one is the number of potential hops remaining as the packet is transmitted from a given digipeater.

The following recommendations were obtained over time by reading many documents, absorbing third-party information from experienced operators of APRS nodes and first-hand experience of running an APRS station in mixed environments.

Application Path Cycle-Time Details
Digipeater WIDE2-1 30m repeats direct and appropriate other digi's
Fill-in Digi WIDE1-1 30m repeats direct packets, does not repeat heard packets from other digi's or fill-in's
RX-only iGate WIDE1-1 30m sends direct packets to the internet, does not send heard packets from other digi's or fill-in's
Mobile Tracker WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 120s