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| name = Voltage data logger
| image = [[Image:blank.jpg|150px]]
| imagecaption = no image yet
| author = Marcel Post
| mcu = undecided
| initial_release_date = Month Year
| last_modified_date = Month Year
| pcb_layers = 2
| project_status = in development
| category = [[Electronics]]
The idea is to create a small device that can be clipped onto a battery that will start logging the battery's voltage over a long period of time (ranging from 1 day to 1 year).
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This project is outdated and now replaced by this project:
* a small display that shows the voltage
* some method of communicating the stored data wirelessly (via InfraRed or ordinary light) to a computer (this will require the development of another board which receives wireless data and can then send it to a computer using serial).
* a means of storing the voltage data (and maybe more, e.g. temperature) either to EEPROM, or FLASH (using a Micro SD card)
==Circuit Board==
Latest source code:
==Release Notes==
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This project is outdated and now replaced by this project: