Blaupunkt520 repair

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A little success story of a car radio repair gone right.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend's car radio stopped working. The car is a Holden Astra model ST from 2001 released for the Australian market. On the (UK-based) 'Astra Owners Website' they also refer to this model as either a Vauxhall Astra Fourth Generation (or Mk 4) or Opel Astra G.

The car radio is a Blaupunkt 520. It's a smart-ish radio in that it communicates with an external display higher up in the centre console and shows things like radio station, volume, CD track etc..

So at one point a few weeks ago the output volume suddenly started dropping. I was listening to some music on CD and the volume coming out of the speakers dropped to almost nothing over a period of maybe 10 seconds. I tried compensating by turning the volume up but it really was getting quieter and quieter. I switched on the FM radio but it was also very very quiet; almost no output volume. I switched off the radio and drove home.

This couldn't be a fuse or so because the radio and all the controls still worked; it was just very very quiet. Since the symptoms were the same when either listening to CD or radio I assumed that the fault was in the final output amplifier ICs.

I didn't